BK Dittmer
Pool Service and Supply


Professional Services
Discount Programs
  • Month to Month Pool/Spa maintenance
  • Pool Equipment repairs & replacement
  • Start-ups on new and resurfaced Pools
  • Clean ups of all types
  • Free estimates & competetive pricing
  • Supplies and toys available
  • Save 5% for semi-annual prepayment
  • Save 7% for annual prepayment
  • Save 10% for signing up 2 neighbors or friends
Chemical Service
Chemical, Filter & Brush
Full Service
  • Test Water & add necessary chemicals to maintain proper chemical balance as per industry standards
  • Empty pump baskets, skimmer baskets & pool sweep bags (as needed)
  • All services listed in Chemical & Filter level plus the brushing of walls & steps of the pool (these are areas the pool sweep tends not to get)
  • All services listed in Chemical, Filter & Brush level plus the brushing of the floor, netting the pool and vacuuming or leaf bagging (as needed)
Chemical & Filter
  • All services listed in Chemical plus clean cartridges & backwash filter systems (as needed)

*Please note: In addition to the monthly fees above, there is an Annual Conditioning / Clarifying Fee of $40-residentioal, $60-commercial & $25 free-standing spa that includes any necessary conditioner and/or clarifier that is needed throughout the year for the above service levels . Note: Fee will be pro-rated based on begin date.